This Isn’t Your Typical Irish Breakfast Roll

When we say ‘breakfast rolls’ we don’t mean the the whole plate of a full Irish stuffed into a baguette with ketchup spilling out. We mean these round, soft roll that is better known as a breakfast roll across Europe. Let’s call them European Breakfast Rolls so we don’t get them mixed up with the Irish ones.

For more nutritional information on these rolls click here. 

These rolls are very popular across Europe in Poland, Germany, France and more. These are the kind of rolls you’ll find at a Continental breakfast. Depending on the country they will be served differently.

For the best, simple experience, serve them with some butter and jam or marmalade. We’d also recommend some soft spreadable cheese. You can try them as hamburger buns or eat them with sausages. In Germany they serve these with some cold meats and cheeses.

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There is a delicious recipe using these rolls over on the Breadski Brothers site –  see here.