What’s The Story With Polish Cheesecakes?

You have probably heard of the famous New York Cheesecake and may have compared this to the ‘traditional’ style also. The cheesecake actually originated in Ancient Greece and there are a number of places around the world that have their own distinctive style of Cheesecake and the Polish one is amongst the best rated. 

New York

Let’s start with what you may know already, New York. This cheesecake is known for its extremely smooth texture and rich consistency, a combination of cream cheese, egg yolks, eggs, sugar, and heavy cream. The usually has a graham cracker or sponge cake base. 

Japanese/cotton/souffle cheesecake

The Japanese Cheesecake definitely stands out from the rest in terms of texture. It has a soft, fluffy consistency that can be likened to a souffle. This incredibly rich and soft consistency is achieved using thick and glossy egg whites, which are folded into the cheesecake batter.


The Swedish Cheesecake / Swedish Ostkaka is another one the steps away from the more traditional methods. It uses cottage cheese or more traditionally, curdled cream instead of a smooth cream or cheese. It is much lighter and not as sweet as some of its better-known counterparts. 



Polish Cheesecake – Sernik 

Now onto the main event, Sernik which means cheesecake in Polish and it dates back to the 17th century. This is one of the most popular desserts in Poland. It uses twaróg which is a Polish curd cheese, similar to farmer’s cheese.  It is rich and dense but not as smooth or creamy as the New York style. It’s based more on eggs and butter and no cream or sour cream is added.

There are many variations of Sernik. Some people add raisins, peaches or candied orange peel. King’s cheesecake or sernik królewski is made with cocoa crust on the top and the bottom of the cheesecake filling.

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